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Dormitory - Justine

I pay tribute to my mother, who left too early on December 3, 2021, without whom none of this

would not have been possible.

Through her, I wish to tenderly embrace all the mothers in the world.

I would also like to pay tribute to my father, Maurice Wafo Kamgaing, as well as my brothers and

sisters, especially Caroline, Guy and Mélanie (and their spouses), who were by my side in the

moments of joy as well as in difficult times and remain such solid pillars. And

above all, to my nephews in France (Doris, Audrey, Les and with a special mention for Loic and Juju

and for the Lazy Brunch), in Cameroon (Kitou, Karl, Popo, Chloe, Ines and Alexandre), in England

(Zen, Dara and Esther) and in the United States (Ysma, Ymane and Yoyo), whom I love dearly. Biggest love!

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