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Room 9 - Cameroon, cradle of my ancestors

Cameroon is the country where I was born, where I had the chance to continue my studies. He is

often called Africa in Miniature; due to its geographical and cultural diversity.

It is also the Hauts Plateaux region, where Baham, my parents' village, is nestled, perched near

1800 meters above sea level. This probably explains my love for the mountains. It's the earth

where my parents rest in peace.

The Sultanate of Foumban is part of this land, where my mother had the honorary title of Queen


It's the land of the Indomitable Lions, with legends like Samuel Eto'o, Theophile Abega,

Thomas Nkono, Joel Antoine Bell, Rigobert Song, and many others. But it is also the country of origin

of Breel Embolo, who shines with the Swiss national team.

They are sincere friends, some for a long time like Ghislain (thanks for the work of art opposite

of the room), Serge, Gilbert, and all the Tchuembou children in France and the United States, the great


Arnopoulos family, Wilfrid and Catherine, the Malovroura family in Greece that I knew in

Cameroon... and my great Made!!!!

It's my almost twin brother Blaise Kouam, gone far too soon.

This is the country where my godparents, my Uncle Uncle Paul and Auntie Jacqueline, my

2 aunts Helene M and Helene T; and my 2 “grandmothers” of Ngongsamba that I think of


These are my cousins, uncles and aunts, with a special mention for Panther and Dada, as well as

their children, in particular Carmen and Celya, Marc and Roberta, Stephane and Sianti, DeLouis, Moyo, and

their children. Uncle Martin in Douala. My cousin Franck in Chicago, his wife Ginette and their

girls; My cousins Stéphanie (Brussels) and Titi (Douala) and of course My darling aunts: Paulette

(Paris), Félicité (Bafoussam), Christine (Maryland) and Jeannette (“M”).

It is His Excellency Ambassador Bindzi, Ambassador of Cameroon in Bern, and his

teams, for their unwavering support.

I don't have enough rooms to separately mention Madagascar, my friends there and my

Andrianstitohaina family from the Big Island, which has just expanded with the arrival of Alice and my friends if

dear ones in Ethiopia (Yeheas, Dejen and his daughters as well as the late Abrehet, Mentwab, Aboi Sebhat,

Ato Arkebe, Teddy and his family) and in Argentina (the great Cazenave family and the wonderful


It took all these people to build me. How lucky!

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