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Room 6 - Pope and Mam

Pope and Mam, these wonderful guardians to whom my parents entrusted me when I was a teenager,

as I left Cameroon. They were the ones who chose me and gave me two new

brothers. They were the pillars of a family that became mine.

I remember with wonder the five grandchildren of Pape and Mam, whom I watched grow up.

This whole big Dreyfus family, with Pape and Mam at its heart, became a part

essential to my life. And how could I forget Mamie Bleue and Nani, who enriched my

family experience of their unique personalities?

Pape, Mam, the Dreyfus, Mamie Bleue and Nani, you are all engraved in my heart. You have me

brought love, warmth, and a second big Lyonnaise family towards whom I

will remain forever grateful.

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