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Room 4 - Roger Federer

Roger Federer, or “Rodger” as it is commonly called, is a figure that everyone

knows. She's someone I probably admire a little too much, but how could I not?

Mastering a sport that I don't practice myself, he manages to make me excited about this sport again

since Yannick Noah's victory at Roland Garros, 40 years ago. I sometimes wonder if they


know these two phenomena. A match between them would undoubtedly have been a real

spectacle, although Federer would probably have crushed the game.

RF embodies charisma, sportiness, elegance, and his track record is simply exceptional.

I had the chance to meet him in Montreux with my nephews. At that time he was looking

to enjoy his peace with his family and refused any photos. However, when he saw the eyes

brilliant of my nephews, he kindly agreed to pose for a photo before disappearing

In his car. An unforgettable moment, and a big thank you to him.

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