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our history

Did you know?

Welcome to the traditional chiefdom of Baham, perched at an altitude of 1800m in the magnificent Hauts Plateaux region! Here we invite you to delve into a rich and fascinating culture, where royal titles hold unique meaning.

At the heart of this royal tradition, the king is honored with the name "Fo", while the queen is respectfully called "mafo". Among the high ranks of the nobility who gravitate around the king is the prestigious title of "Wafo".

Did you know that the Wafo Hotel takes its name from this illustrious lineage? Indeed, my father, who was affectionately called "Wafo Kamgaing", left his mark on this ancestral land, thus inspiring the creation of our hotel.

Today, we proudly perpetuate its heritage by welcoming you in an enchanting and warm setting, where respect for traditions combines with exceptional service.

Come discover the history and magic of Baham while staying in a place that carries the soul of our family. We look forward to welcoming you to the Wafo Kamgaing Hotel for a unique and unforgettable experience!

Roger Kamgaing, The Wafo Hotel 

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